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We are a financial services team focused on wealth accumulation and protection strategies that make investing & saving approachable, in order to help the clients we serve, Retire Different.


Neal began his career in the financial services industry in 1997 and is a graduate of Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Family Financial Planning.

Being passionate about financial literacy, Neal works with his clients to raise their level of financial awareness in order to identify the right steps to reach their financial goals. 

The focus on having a sound strategy and plan for client’s individual needs has allowed him to  provide focus and peace of mind for families and business owners during periods of economic uncertainty.

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Tom Le has been in the financial services industry for over 20 years. He believes in serving his community through education on implementing strategic savings designs, asset protection and leaving behind a legacy. 

Tom is also coaching an elite group of industry professionals on sales, marketing, and personal development. 

Working in the financial service industry has allowed him to work for each of his clients as individuals to meet there needs and determine what is going to be the best solution to reach their goals.

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Sindee Ngo was a former Bank Manager who joined our company because she wanted to support her brother in his business venture. After learning about the environment, culture, leadership, and the solution we had to offer; she made her decision to leave her banking career behind to go all in.


She foresaw the growth potential and the time freedom she would be able to achieve if she invested full-time with the company. With a will to learn, very quickly Sindee became a knowledgable trainer of our team in Salt Lake City, Utah.


By being part of the company's growth and focusing on her goals, Sindee has qualified for an all-expenses paid trip to Dubai & Germany, multiple personal bonuses, deferred compensation, and also achieved her 1st diamond on her Million Dollar Club Ring.

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